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Photography Holidays

in Corrubedo, Galicia, Spain




 where the mountains are of sand

'The great granite wall of the Sierra de O Barbanza didn't want to die in the ocean just like that. He preferred to break with the rugged coastline and leave behind the most beautiful and exciting sample of natural diversity nature was ever able to create.'




During the year we organize several interesting and educational photographic workshops and trips in Galicia, Spain. For fans of pure and wild nature, beautiful sceneries and interest in a very unique culture. Corrubedo and its surroundings are a must to explore. Corrubedo is a small fishing village situated at the Atlantic coast of Galicia and is in all aspects a true Paradise. This spectacular region in the northwest of Spain with its beautiful landscapes, her always surprising nature and her magic light, makes a photography holiday in this region an opportunity like no other. The unpredictable nature and wildlife can make photographing all this a tricky affair sometimes, but with once trained good eyes and expert advice on hand, you won’t be disappointed. Our photography itineraries are all tailormade adventures, year round, so if you want to organise a trip for friends, family or your local photography club, you can do too.




So homebase of all our photographic workshops and trips is the small fishing village Corrubedo, this wonderful and unique litle fishing village directly situated at the Atlantic coast. Our comfortable house is situated on only a one minute walk of the ocean and the area is part of 'Complexo Dunar de Corrubedo e Lagoas de Carregal e Vixan'. This natural park is well known in Spain and features a massive sand dune over 1 km in lenght. The sand is light yellow to gold and the waves are often pretty big. The area has a year round constant cooling breaze. 




Our private and comfortable accomodation is situated in the middle of Corrubedo, only a minute walk away of the Atlantic Ocean. The house offers 3 twin bedrooms for our guests, a shared bathroom, salon, kitchen and a comfortable garden. 




All our workshops and photography on location are on foot in and in the area of Corrubedo. A reasonable condition and clothing for all weather conditions are required. On request we can make a trip with local transport to one of the other villages or natural sites in the area.

We will walk each day in the most inspiring settings and also at the most glorious time of day. We will pause to analyse the light and shadow and notice the smallest of details too; like a single shell on the beach, a footprint in the sand, little insects and beautiful flowers or an unusual structure of a stone or in the sand. This all will push you to become one with your surroundings like few other holidays can.

The daily programming depends on local weather conditions. 

  • day 1 arrival in Corrubedo, diner
  • day 2-7 workshops on location, nature-, portrait-, landscape-, macrophotography. Professional theoretical and practical support during the whole trip. Discussing all photography.
  • day 8, depending on personal travelplanns, breakfast in Corrubedo.




We offer professional organized photographic travels, 8 days, 7 nights, including food and (non-alcoholic) drinks, starting with diner on the day of arrival (day 1) and breakfast on the day of departure (day 8). 7 Nights in a comfortable 2 person bedroom. During the whole stay, intensive photography on location and discussing all results.

The groups are of a maximum 6 persons. Individual is also possible.

  • Individual €1600,00
  • 2 Persons € 1400,00 per person
  • 3 or more persons € 1200,00 per person. Twin bedroom for private use, extra € 400,00

Travelling from and to Corrubedo is not included.




....a Humpback Surprise....

 "You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to get a good photo . . .but it helps! Wind, desolate places, storm, sun, 5-7 meter high waves…. or higher…., tropical temperatures, a unique ecosystem, playing dolphins, a Humpback Surprise . . . and these are just the cocktails at the bar! Seriously, this will be amazing.”



'Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better'

Albert Einstein